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DOB: 28 JAN 2019

PAIRED: 15 SEP 2020

“When I first met my hero, it took a little time to figure it all out. My hero, Shane, or as I like to call him, Dad, wasn’t as adventurous as me. The world is a big scary place with lots of loud noises and questionable people. But, it’s also a really beautiful place. I knew that I could go anywhere with Dad. Once, we went to a museum together. Dad was a little nervous. But, I’m a big boy. I can protect Dad and he can protect me. It was so much fun to see and sniff all the things. We’ve also done a 5K together. There were lots of people whizzing by us, but who cares when you have the wind flopping in your ears. Some people say that I saved Dad, but really I think we were just meant to have a fun, adventurous life together.”


“While serving active duty in the Marine Corps I was deployed many times, but one deployment changed the way I would feel for the rest of my life. 


Things seemed to feel fine for many years, but a switch flipped and I started having nightmares, feeling angry, and just not myself. After going to my appointment at the VA I was diagnosed with PTSD. After seeing a counselor and being given tools to help me, it just wasn’t enough. 


My wife started researching and we found that service dogs were providing genuine help to those they are paired with. We checked into a few programs and after 6 months I received the call that would forever change my life, and my family. Lucas had helped me in ways I didn’t even realize I was missing out on.”

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