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Imagine living through a traumatic experience that you relive on a daily basis through memories, flashbacks, and nightmares. Imagine trying to avoid anything that may remind you of the trauma, the sleeping problems, irritability, and constant hyper-vigilance. Imagine having superpowers to make a difference in the life of Combat Veterans that are experiencing this regularly. PTSD symptoms include these and much more, and YOU have the ability to make a difference by being a Hero to a Hero family.

Hero Family Outreach is a 501(c)3 non-profit serving Military & First Responder families. We invite you to join the HFO mission of giving the life of a Hero back to him or her by funding a PTSD Service Dog by donating to our Paws 4PTSD program.  Our goal is to provide three or more service dogs per year to Veterans suffering from combat-related PTSD.


Each canine is trained to perform functions specific to their Veteran that will help them on a daily basis. The only cost to a Veteran is maintenance fees once they receive their service animal. HFO's cost per dog is $18,000 due to this intense training.

Ultimate Canine in Westfield, IN, is a renowned trainer specializing in Law Enforcement K-9’s, Therapy, and Service Dogs. Hero Family Outreach is partnering with Ultimate Canine as HFO's trainer of choice to help these service dogs with training and passing required certifications.

100% of your tax-deductible donation to HFO is poured directly into the programs and events in which they are designated. HFO also offers Packages 4Patriots, QPR Gatekeeper Training (suicide prevention), and coming soon... Outdoor Camping Retreat, benefiting Hero families for years to come. 

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