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Packages 4Patriots

Hero Family Outreach believes we shouldn’t take things for granted. As Americans, we can easily stop at the local convenience store to stock up on snacks, Kleenex, Qtips, etc. Many of our Heroes serving around the world do not have that luxury. Even one care package of supplies and goodies can boost the morale of a service member! HFO’s goal is to connect with our service men and women and let them know they are remembered and appreciated.


From drinks that will replenish electrolytes, to foods providing protein and candy to bring a smile, every item placed in a personalized shipping box with a Hero’s last name on the package has a purpose and has been carefully planned. Shipping boxes are colored by children and their letters to service members are placed inside along with a letter from HFO and our partners thanking our Hero for their service and sacrifice.


What started in 2012 as 50 care packages to the platoon of Board Members Mark & Danielle Robinson’s USMC son, has grown to over 5,000 packages shipped globally to date. Packing events are always open to the public.

HFO has received many thanks over the years of mailing packages. The following are a few of the notes of appreciation received:


“Just received my care package! Thank you so much! It means so much to me that people care and take time from their day to send something to us!” ~A. Speedy, Navy


"EVERYONE was extremely thankful for the packages. Many had not received any mail yet, and the packages were a HUGE morale boost. Worst case scenario, people felt cared about. Best case scenario, seeds are being planted for people to know Christ..." "The individualized packages have made people know they were thought about as a person (rather than “soldiers”), and some want to express their individual appreciation. This ministry has brought at least a bit of joy (and A LOT of goodies) to people that need it...” ~R. Hessel, Air Guard


“The Girl Scout cookies were the best care packages we received!” ~D. Ford, Army National Guard


100% of your tax-deductible donation to HFO is poured directly into the programs and events in which they are designated. Donate today to help provide packages for our next shipment. 

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